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Posted on: February 25, 2009



Reivew – Ottoline and the Yellow Cat
Story & Illustrations by Chris Riddell
HarperCollinsPublishers 2007

This chapter book for the age 8 to 12 crowd is fun to look at. There are goofy drawings on every page and the hard cover jacket is beautifully ornate and cool. There’s plenty to look at, from the 4 color end papers to the black with touches of red interior illustrations. Clearly Chris had fun with this one, creating a cross between a classic chapter book and a graphic novel.

Ottoline’s companion, Mr. Munroe, is all hair from head to knees and reminds me of Cousin It from the Munsters, er no . . . the Addams Family! I’m thinking maybe there was a similar guy in the Lil’ Abner cartoons of bygone days, but who remembers that! Not me.

In this book there is a mystery afoot and Ottoline and Mr. Munroe solve it with the help of the bear who lives in the laundry room downstairs. Ms. Ottoline is on her own as her parents are off on a trip to far off places, something they do alot it seems. But they send a post card now and then and have arranged for pillow fluffers, door knob polishers, clothing folders, and home cooked meal makers to fill in while they are abroad.

For reluctant readers this book may be just the thing. For those who really love a well-crafted story it might be best to look elsewhere. If writers write, do illustrators illu? In this case the story line seems to be there to provide a jumping off point for another cool illustration.

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