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Vunce Upon A Time

Posted on: March 4, 2009


Review – Vunce Upon A Time

Jotto Seibold and Siobhan Vivian

Illustrated by Jotto Seibold

Chronicle Books, 2008

Here we have one quirky little vampire guy. He’s shy, afraid of humans, a vegetarian, and a total fiend for CANDY. Parents beware: this cute vampire book is an complete ode to candy! The computer generated art is bright and chock full of things for young readers to look for and enjoy. (Including many, many candy wrappers!)

Our hero Dagmar, out to replenish his dwidling candy supply, discovers the joys of Halloween. Blissfully unself-aware, he doesn’t realize he needs no costume, being already appropriately attired for the holiday. He scares the parental units by modeling his own handmade creation – a garlic suit! Later he meets a ghost who shows him the ropes, only to eventually discover that she is. . .yikes . . .a human!

I’m not a huge fan of CG art and thought a vampire with a pink ski jump for a nose was a bit over the top. What I did like was reading a story line that speaks to what it feels like to be different from others, to be afraid, and alone. We have all faced those feelings, from the first day we ventured beyond our homes, started attending a new school, or tried out for the soccer team.

Children will totally get this. If a guy like Dagmar can overcome his fears, they can too. And of course, they’ll love the CANDY!

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Amanda Lorenzo

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