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Author of the soon to be released Runt Farm series. When a multi-species group of animals take over an abandoned farm, family happens. Join Kitten, The Peep, Cletus, Tooth, Blossom, Beatrice and Clovis as they face the nefarious NAARF researchers and their wicked weasel henchmen.


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Amanda Tweets

  • Runt Farmers will be going to The Bahamas soon. Tooth is packing sunscreen, Cletus is designing a dune buggy. 5 years ago
  • 100 Runt Farm books were donated to Page Ahead, a great non-profit that provides new books to deserving kiddos. 6 years ago
  • I posted a new photo to Facebook 7 years ago
  • You know you're a Runt when . . . 7 years ago
  • New documentary Forks Over Knives shows why it's healthy & smart to ditch meat & fork over your veggies - Kitten... 7 years ago
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